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AI Based Smart Farming

Artificial intelligence (AI) / Machine learning (ML), integrated with image processing, are powerful tools to make optimal decision under many critical situations.  Our AI and ML experts provide AI based solutions towards smart farming, smart cities and optimized decision making. Additionally, we provide machine learning based solution using image and video processing. Few of such applications include, but not limited to, Face recognition; deforestation monitoring; Weed and infestation detection in smart farms; deploying sensors in farms for sensing soil moisture, leave condition, fertilizer levels etc.; stablishing wireless network within farms in remote areas etc.

Smart farming technology can help
  • Easy collection and management of data from your IoT devices to monitor varied aspects of farming such as humidity levels, weather conditions, crop growth characteristics, etc.

  • Precise insights and recommendations that enable farmers to visualise data and monitor their farms in real-time, making more informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive big data insights, analytics and personalised recommendations aid in better decision-making for smart agriculture and smart farming.

Weed and infestation detection

Towards the aim of smart farming, we provide Machine learning and deep learning (Neural network) based solutions using RGB, Multispectral and hyperspectral images. Using machine learning/deep learning, we do object classification using drone images as well as satellite images, and consequently identify weed and infestation within crops.
So, all you need is a drone with camera mounted in it, and you will get a notification in your mobile app when where it is needed to clear weeds or infestation.

Intelligent automatic sprinkler system with soil moisture sensor

As a solution of smart irrigation system, we have the capacity to build IoT and AI based smart sprinkler system.

Deploying sensors in smart farming (also known as precision farming)

These sensors can be deployed in farms to detect moisture level, temperature, salinity and dryness of soil; moisture level and quality of leaves. Using these data from the sensors AI can help to take some optimal decision about applying pesticides, fertilizers, water etc.

Satellite Image processing

We perform Landsat (satellite) image processing to perform deforestation monitoring, urbanization monitoring and landcover (urban, forest, water, agricultural land etc.) classification using machine learning based image processing
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Asset management platform

TURRA is an enterprise asset management platform that considers and informs client specific risk profiling. Provides both macro and micro views of your enterprise data and incorporates customised reporting capabilities that facilitates operational risk transparency to support key business decision making. It centralises both asset and incident data, while incorporating job management workflows to streamline operational activities that allows clients to make informed decisions and prioritize actions based on risk. A holistic approach to provide an overview of vulnerabilities and risks of your enterprise.

Turaa considers client specific data from within the platform including on site risk assessment & incidents combined with external data that could potentially have an impact on your assets. Our centralised crime database standardises crime statistics from all states in Australia which provides useful insights based on postcodes and locations of your sites.


Revolutionize the way you handle emergency Scenarios through Comprehensive Web Portal

During emergency situations connect all responsible people with a specific chain of command. Reduce chaos and cost through improved, real time and robust communication and consequently reduce organisation downtime. Centralize, manage and organize emergency related activities, while creating experiences that addresses compliance related queries within the portal. Maintain efficient control over communication with stakeholders and access live event for effective decision making.


Transport Management App

DON (Driver Organizing Network) is a custom designed multi platform transport management app developed for Henry & Transport Group.

Features include:

  • Fatigue management - Alerts drivers & operations when a driver is due to have a rest break, under the guidelines of the NHVR for both standard & BFM hours.
  • Integrated GPS location - Allowing HTG staff accuracy when estimating eta's with live traffic conditions updated every few seconds.
  • Job Management - Live notification on every job, from "on route pick up, loading, on route delivery, and delivered"
  • Repair & maintenance - Live daily pretrip inspections logged and databased, keeping our Fleet safe and reliable.
  • HR Management- Got some handy feature for the HR team in order to manage their groups.
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Customized CRM

Advanced One is a customized CRM system that has been developed for one of our client to manage more than 150 retail stores - all across Australia (Queensland, Victoria & South Australia). It is an unified system that connects Admin, Franchisee owner, Head office, Technicians, Third party vendors, Customers & Retailers in one common platform. It uses data analysis about customers, brand, services to improve business forecast that ultimately drives sales growth.  One important aspect of Advanced One CRM is the ability of compiling data from a range of different communication channels, including Admin, Franchisee, Retailers, Head Office User, Technicians, Vendors, Sales Person and many more. Through the CRM approach and the systems used to facilitate it, businesses learn more about their target audiences and how to best cater to their needs. It's user friendly and secured as well. Advanced one has some exciting features, reporting tools and BI tools that makes day to day task smooth and secured.


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